Fifty Thousand Downloads of In The Chair!

50k Masonic Podcast downloads
Wow! I just checked the stats for the podcast hosting and saw that it’s now clicked over 50,000. That’s over 50,000 unique episode downloads. Not bad for a side project started in my spare room! In The Chair Masonic Podcast is completely independent. I had no assistance from...
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ITC 33 In The Chair Masonic Podcast: Inside The Freemasons

In The Chair Podcast 33
In The Chair Masonic Podcast returns for a one-off special episode! Listeners may recall that I was involved in filming an upcoming documentary about Freemasonry in the UK, and part of this included being filmed whilst recording a podcast (episode 28, which you can listen to at
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Donate to keep In The Chair alive for another year!

In The Chair Masonic Podcast Series 2 KickerStarter
As you know In The Chair is non-profit and funded out my own pocket, but I can’t bear killing it off as it is such a valuable resource. I produce In The Chair completely independently with no support or contribution from my Lodge, Province, United Grand Lodge of...
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